API Documentation
API for Hashrate.no
API documentation for Hashrate.no. To be able to use the API, you will need an apiKey. To get an apiKey, login at hashrate.no. If you want to use it commercially, please contact us to discuss pricing and plans.
API for Hashrate.no
Endpoint: https://api.hashrate.no/v1/coins?apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY

Extra option: &coin=TICKER. Will show just the single coin. Example: https://api.hashrate.no/v1/coins?apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY&coin=ALPH
Extra option: &coin=favourites. Will select your favourite coins. Example: https://api.hashrate.no/v1/coins?apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY&coin=favourites
Example data
API for Hashrate.no
"coin": "ALPH",					// Ticker
"name": "Alephium",				// Name of coin
"algo": "Blake3",				// Algorithm of coin
"usdPrice": "0.24986988872257",			// USD price of coin
"usdPrice1h": "-0.48",				// Changes last hour USD price of coin
"usdPrice24h": "-2.78",				// Changes last 24 hours USD price of coin
"usdPrice7d": "0.52",				// Changes last 7 days USD price of coin
"coinEstimate": "1.0080408918064",		// Estimated return in coin per coinEstimateUnit
"coinEstimateUnit": "Gh",			// Unit for coinEstimate and usdEstimate
"coinEstimate1h": "-0.36",			// Changes last hour for coinEstimate
"coinEstimate24h": "-1.09",			// Changes last 24 hours for coinEstimate
"coinEstimate7d": "-2.52",			// Changes last 7 days for coinEstimate
"usdEstimate": "0.25537771588054",		// Estimated return in USD per coinEstimateUnit
"usdEstimate1h": "-0.46",			// Changes last hour for usdEstimate
"usdEstimate24h": "-5.38",			// Changes last 24 hours for usdEstimate
"usdEstimate7d": "-3.72",			// Changes last 7 days for usdEstimate
"networkHashrate": "64089858506752",		// Current network hashrate
"networkDifficulty": "3834055346880500", 	// Current network difficulty
"emission": "61344",				// Daily emission in coin
"emissionUSD": "15328.018453797333"		// Daily emission in USD